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Oscar's canon (and my personal headcanon) tends to delve into some pretty heavy stuff in RP and AU. CSA, Mental Disassociation, Incest, General Pessimism, Genophobia, Depression, Suicide, Sexism, Torture, Self-Harm, Manipulation, Violence, and Body/Gender Dysphoria are all the on the table here. I mostly prefer to hint at these things, but on occasion they do come out plainly.

If any of this triggers you (or you just prefer to not play with Oscar, it's no big deal) feel free to use this post to opt out.  

Shinki Info

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CANON: Lupin The 3rd
VESSEL FORM: A glove-like combination of an ornate bracelet chained together with claw like rings that cover the whole fingers in silver touched with bits of dark blue jewels. It magically fits whatever hand that chooses to use it.
POWER: Shadow/Darkness Manipulation: the ability to control any shadow in the area and hide/travel in them. It's a useful power in many ways to a god, they have the manner of travel or hiding in them, controlling shadows in battle against an ayakashi. Granted, it's not the most useful ability to have in a well lit area with zero objects around, but gods can be resourceful.
CAUSE OF DEATH: Suicide, by hanging and caused by depression.



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Player Information

Name: Pash
Contact: roleplaychar@gmail.com, pashchan @ plurk, Pash#5998 @ discord
Age: 26 | November 17, 1990
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Oscar (I headcanon his last name as 'Riviere'.)
Canon: Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
Canon Point: From the 13th and last episode of the series
Age: His official age is in his twenties, but I put him around 22-23-ish. Although he looks like he can be anywhere from his late teens to early twenties.
History: Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lupin_the_Third:_The_Woman_Called_Fujiko_Mine

Series Wiki: http://lupin.wikia.com/wiki/Lt._Oscar

Both links don't really provide good information on Oscar's role in the series, so I'll provide my own.

In the series, Oscar lived life as a street urchin in Paris France. Fighting tooth and nail for a single franc against other boys, he threw himself into the Seine River. Under the bridge was an Interpol Inspector named Zenigata. He was on assignment at the time and had been thinking of quitting... until he saw a young Oscar go into the river and he jumped in to save him.

Hearing about the story behind why Oscar did that totally brash action, it renewed his spirits about his job and made Zenigata admire the boy's tenaciousness. Oscar felt he owed the man his life, so over the years he cleaned up his act and worked his way up to being Zenigata's second in command. By then, that admiration turned into something far deeper on Oscar's part. The only problem? His boss was for all intents and purposes, married to the task of catching and arresting The Master Thief Arsene Lupin III. (Sleeping with the sexy female thief known as Fujiko Mine in exchange for her freedom and help in catching Lupin didn't help much either.) Soon Fujiko started to work with Lupin in various schemes, forcing Oscar to run into the woman he despised. (And was clearly jealous of, but he would never admit it.)

His jealousy for the female thief and desperation to help the man he loved got so bad he started committing various crimes dressed as Fujiko to flush Lupin out and even doing things in her amoral way. (Including killing guards and fellow policemen.) It didn't fool Zenigata or Lupin at all. It all culminated in an effort to steal a jeweled dress and ended with him agreeing to a shadowy organization to plant a bomb under the bridge where he and Zenigata first met. The bomb was delayed thanks to Lupin III, much to Oscar's chagrin. But hearing Zenigata remember about how they met on this bridge make Oscar realize exactly what he had done. He rushed under, took the still active bomb, and threw himself into the river...

It looked like he died in that explosion, but he didn't.

Instead he was kidnapped by that shadowy organization that was Glaucus Pharmaceuticals. Their intention was to basically scare and creep Fujiko out to the point that she would kill herself. One of these methods was to create a theme park dedicated to her horrible memories, including an entire group of women (and some men) brainwashed and dressed like Fujiko, Oscar was one of them. Accompanying her, Zenigata soon discovered him among the clones. Still brainwashed, he attacked the both of them. Until he eventually broke free (but with quite a bit of an unhinged mind) and killed the Fujiko clones by a Gas Explosion.

After the battle and the discovery of Glaucus Pharmaceuticals true mastermind, it is assumed Oscar went rogue, and Zenigata is left to search for him.

Personality: "...We've taken the time to look into your background. The Inspector took you in when you had no one else, with his help you clawed your way to the rank of Lieutenant. Within time that respect for him became love, which turned into passion... now you'll even kill for him."-- Owl-Man (Episode Eleven)

Oscar is a man with lots of cunning and skill and is very, very loyal and devoted if a person manages to touch his heart. Despite this, he does have flashes of very volatile anger and cold ruthlessness. He will do anything it takes to get the job done, even things that aren't acceptable by normal moral standards. Seen in canon by pulling some kinda sketchy moves, forcefully taking a girl's clothes to pose as her during a mission in episode six, stripping and tying Fujiko to the bed and most likely taking locks of her hair in that same episode, threatening to kill a fellow officer if they don't do their jobs right in episode four, and finally making good on his threat seven episodes later when posing as the lady thief.

He is almost comically polite most of the time and speaks in a calm manner most of the time, preferring to be professional in all aspects. However under that calm surface is a person prone to anger, snap judgements, and almost single-minded rage towards anyone that he sees as a threat in his or his adopted father's life.

We never see him outside work in canon, however it's assumed by this typist that due to his high ranking in Interpol and his freakishly young age, he fits a lot of traits with 'over-achievers' and most likely wouldn't know a lot of things about relaxing or even most social skills, knowing only how to please his superiors (and by extension, his father figure) for most of his life. He's a rather guarded person, and rarely lets anyone in on his personal thoughts and feelings. And when someone does know, as best seen in episodes six and eleven, he gets very, very, damn defensive. He prizes control above all else. When things tend to get haywire, that anger, cruelty, and utter ruthlessness tends to rise up from the calm surface to regain it. Usually it's never personal, he's only trying to do his job. (Unless you're Fujiko Mine or anyone else he deems as a threat, then hell yes, it's personal. He would want you to suffer and die horribly and cry and ruin that pretty face of yours.)

He also has bit of a taste for the morbid and has a bit of a sadistic, cruel side. He remarks on Zenigata being covered in fake stage blood as a 'decadent beauty' in episode four, or by tying up a naked Fujiko to the bed in episode six, then pouring wine on her unconscious body in a rather... artistic manner and licking some off her lips. (The latter was entirely unnecessary to do, and was probably sadistic taunting because he could.) He also quite has a mouth on him, as seen in episode ten with his quip about a small airport and the various creative and yet still verbose insults he calls Fujiko Mine throughout the series.

"I didn't give a damn about my pride, or how dirty I had to get or how far I had to fall. There was something else I wanted." -- Oscar (Episode Eleven)

He does have a set of morals, but they are sort of skewed towards whatever works for him at the time, as seen in canon when he took the bomb underneath the bridge. While Zenigata's words did remind of his own morality, the Inspector did suspect him in the recent thefts and the Glaucus henchmen were forcing him to blow up the bridge. One can say he took a third option to make sure neither party got their hands on him. He does believe in justice, but he's very susceptible to corruption and has a habit of thinking of things and people in nearly black and white terms and reacting accordingly as an officer, not once thinking about how clearly 'gray' or even sometimes 'black' he really is. A trait along with his utter loyalty to him that Glaucus used for their own benefit until Oscar attempted to break free.

I am a sinner jailed by love
I know you will never choose me
But that doesn't matter
I'll stay in this prison of love
And my heart will always belong to you
-- Oscar (Episode Six)

Despite all this, he does have a noted softer side, mostly shown around Zenigata and no one else seen in canon. To Oscar, no one's opinion about what he does seems to matter as he does tend to hide the more 'questionable' things he does as an officer of the law around him. He almost doesn't have a spine around him as seen during a bit of an argument in episode ten. It's very likely one of his greatest fears is losing his favor, or even being disowned by him as seen by the brief glimpses into his thoughts during episodes eleven and thirteen. He has a romantic and sexual attraction to him, one that he is deeply ashamed of and hides it the best he can. He knows that in the end, it's hopeless and most likely foolish to still hold this torch for him, as shown in a poem he wrote in episode six. However, he only has these emotions towards the Inspector and him only and doesn't allow himself to even entertain the thought of being with anyone else, romantically or sexually. He's quite repressed.

During the last two episodes of the series, what's little left of his sanity is torn from him by brainwashing and he becomes a great deal unhinged. His life and career pulled out from under his feet by his own doing, he leaves the castle before the dawn comes.

Abilities: Oscar is from the Lupin The 3rd universe where most people are, in fact human and don't have any sort of superhuman powers or abilities. However, Oscar is a trained Interpol Agent with abilities that do set him apart from most normal human 20 somethings.

- Weapons Training: Can use most firearms fairly well and some items such as knives, bats, and billy clubs.
- Strategist: Can come up with detailed plans.
- Hand to Hand Training: He has better reflexes than the average man and is a FAR hardier person physically than his delicate appearance suggests. Can go toe to toe with the average unarmed man and come out on top, however if the person is larger, stronger, has a weapon, or is more experienced than him, he may have some problems.
- Training in Espionage and Disguise: Can effectively change his appearance and voice to look like another person, even another gender.
- Languages: In addition to his native French, he can speak and read Japanese, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese, and Russian. (He was working on some others before he left.)


God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: Oscar is very much a person driven by duty, above all nearly else and at his best can never shy away from turning away someone in need. (Granted, he may not be the most kind about it, good to him doesn't equate with nice.) For a good time of his former life, he was a tool used by a more powerful person to exact justice. So naturally, Oscar will fall into the place of a Shinki quickly and pretty effortlessly.
Top 3 Choices: N/A
God Type: N/A
Cause Of Death: A few months later after the end of his canon, a guilt-ridden and severely depressed (also still heavily dosed with Fraulein Eule) Oscar committed suicide by hanging.
Vessel: His vessel is a glove-like combination of an ornate bracelet chained together with claw like rings that cover the whole fingers in silver touched with bits of dark blue jewels. It magically fits whatever hand that chooses to use it.
Name Location: On the inside of of his left forearm, on his pulse point, near the palm of his hand.
Power: Shadow/Darkness Manipulation: the ability to control any shadow in the area and hide/travel in them. It's a useful power in many ways to a god, they have the manner of travel or hiding in them, controlling shadows in battle against an ayakashi. Granted, it's not the most useful ability to have in a well lit area with zero objects around, but gods can be resourceful.

Writing Sample

With Anthy (NSFW)
TDM with Edge
TDM with Nicolas

Anything Else?: N/A